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Michael Berner_Singularity Academy

Dr. Michael Berner

Michael Berner is an expert at Singularity Academy on the theme of psychology and psychiatry.


Michael Berner published more than 100 research papers, review articles, and book chapters focusing on health care research. As a researcher and consultant, he strives to find ways to deliver care in the most efficient but effective way. Michael carries, therefore, a particular interest in strategic management. Nevertheless, health and especially mental health starts with healthy relationships and people finding ways to create things for the better. Education is a - if not the - key ingredient to success. Therefore, being part of Singularity Academy means Michal strives to educate and enable people to develop their singular potential for success to build a better health care system.


Michael received his Doctor of Medicine in pediatric pulmonology from the University of Ulm. He was trained in Psychiatry at Freiburg University (Germany). He underlined his interest in economics by obtaining a degree as Health Care Manager from Freiburg University. He finished his Ph.D. thesis (Habilitation) and received venia legendi at Freiburg University with his work on addiction medicine.


Michael is also an adjunct professor of Psychiatry at Freiburg University. He holds posts with the German National Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy (DGPPN), the German Network of Psychiatric Departments (ACKPA), and the Information Centre for Sexuality and Health (ISG).


Michael owns extensive experience as a psychiatric doctor and medical care manager in Germany.

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